The Benefits of a Split Hem

Quick Topic today: let's talk about sweater >>FIT<< and some likely reasons you don't wear that sweater you thought you loved on the hanger, but hate it when you put it on.
Most sweaters in today's fashion trends are loose and mostly "oversized", and while we as women LOVE comfort, we also don't something that make us look bigger than we are, right?!
SO, if your momma and Jesus blessed you with BEAUTIFUL curves, no matter the size, you first say "THANK YA, LORD!".... then you look for some details in your favorite items👇
You know when you put on that sweater you loved on that hanger, and feel that tightness on your hips, and then a little extra fluff in the mid section? We've ALL been there... you know the one that makes you go "I swear I didn't each that much pasta for lunch".
Take a look at the hemline! It most sweaters, you'll have a fully round and completed hemline, and sometimes, they come together a little tighter to created a "fitted" look around the hip area, this is where you can sometimes find a created and unwanted "fluff"
✨Now to The Wrynn Sweater! If you'll notice in our first photo, the hemline on the Tinsley sweater is SPLIT! Which is where you find a beautiful fit in a bulky sweater, with an overall "layflat" look!
Split hems on oversized/chunky sweaters come together to create a gorgeous fit, that is comfy, cozy, AND flattering on lots of body types!
Thanks for coming to my TedTalk!✨

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